Despite current wisdom that success lies in finding your niche and focusing on your unique selling point, my life refuses to allow itself to be channeled into a tidy, well-defined course.

So I focus on what I can do well and enjoy doing—writing, building software, and continuing my life-long love affair with textiles.

I started out in Prague and have lived in Paris, Zurich, Montreal, Turin, London and several smaller towns and cities along the way. A city dweller, I also had the great good fortune to spend most of my childhood summers running wild in the woodlands, first in my native Bohemia, then in Quebec’s Laurentian mountains and one memorable summer on the western shore of the Bay of Fundy.

After an erratic education during which I averaged one school per year and which culminated in a BA in philosophy and psychology from McGill, I took up computer programming as a day job.

To my complete surprise, I found that I get the same joy and creative satisfaction from this seemingly mundane occupation as I get from my more obviously artistic pursuits.

My current projects-in-progress include a poetry/photo series on Toronto’s Kensington Market, curating Hard Twist—Obsession, the 6th annual show of textile-based art at the Gladstone Hotel, and teaching myself the details of creating WordPress websites.

I don’t understand boredom—even stuck on the subway without a book there’s usually something interesting.

I now live and work in Toronto’s Kensington Market, sharing my house with a studio full of eclectic materials, far too much work in progress, and a small female cat named Ferocity.