Wiley Ho was born in Taiwan and moved to Canada with her family in 1980. When she was twelve, her parents moved back to Taiwan for work, leaving Wiley and her older siblings to finish school in Canada. They became one of the first “astronaut families” in Vancouver, a nuclear family divided by an ocean and diverging value systems. Inhabiting that liminal space between two worlds, Wiley identities herself as Generation 1.5. Her childhood experiences of growing up in a house without parents shape the short stories in her collection entitled Sticky Rice and Grilled Cheese: Tales from a Taiwanese-Canadian Childhood.

Wiley currently lives in North Vancouver and works as a freelance Technical Writer and Editor. She is a regular contributor to Active Living, the blog of North Vancouver Recreation and Culture, and is the Newsletter Editor for the North Shore Writers' Association. Her stories have appeared in anthologies, including WordWorks (Federation of BC Writers), My Roots (Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival), and Chrysanthemum: Voices of the Taiwanese Diaspora.