The Nuances of YA

This novel was born out of my desire to write a story set in a young adult psychiatric ward that was filled with humour, with teachings, with love, forgiveness, acceptance, and mirrored the real experiences of people who are dear to me who spent time in them . . .

Processing Through Structure

I am looking forward to receiving the gifts of feedback and observation from my mentor as we begin this mentorship journey. I am hopeful that by working with an experienced author (May Q. Wong) who may nudge me to question and to challenge myself, I will ultimately dive deeper into my writing and re-emerge truer to myself as a writer . . .

The Haunting of Creativity

My manuscript is a story that’s been haunting me for years. In a horror movie I recently saw, learning the name of the ghost renders it powerless. I feel writing this story will help me do the same; it will enable me to move on to other projects, and I may sleep better at night once it’s done . . .

Orpheus Choir of Toronto: “Raising Her Voice” Partnership

Orpheus Choir

Diaspora Dialogues is delighted to partner with the Orpheus Choir of Toronto for their “Raising Her Voice” concert in 2018/19. In this exciting project that brings our proven mentorship model to a cross discipline enterprise, we will pair poets who have published in our programs, both mentors and mentees, with established and emerging composers chosen by Orpheus Choir to produce compositions for this concert celebrating International Women’s Day in 2019 . . .

The Magic in the Everyday

I don’t remember when my stories started looking like a collection to me; perhaps when I realized similar themes kept repeating in them. I think that I tend to notice the speculative/ fantastical in everyday objects or events, and they keep jumping out at me as potential stories . . .

Writing as Re-Defining

The collection came from a period of dreams and nightmares, and re-evaluation of my personal and family history. I also spent a lot of time reading afro-futurist works by Nalo Hopkinson, Nnedi Okorafor and folktales (both Jamaican and African American such as “The People Could Fly”) that reimagine Black survival tools as magical powers . . .

The Feverish Push

Being an oil-baby, I lived a nomadic existence. I was born in Calgary, moved to Trinidad, then Toronto, spent time in Winnipeg during school vacations, and then moved to Houston all before the age of 10 . . .

Pen To Paper

My collection has been quite some time in the making. It’s a series of personal short stories which have been incubating for years, until I finally put pen to paper last year in a true effort to tell these stories . . .