cn-towerCharacter List:

Setting Intro:
Gabriel takes Lissa to the CN Tower for a date in celebration of being together for 3 years.

And then all she saw was darkness.

Scene 1

(She grips his hand a little tighter, rests her head on his shoulder and whispers . . . )
Lissa: Isn’t it beautiful?
Gabriel: Look at me.
Lissa: Hmm?
(Lissa looks up.)
(Gabriel looks into her eyes.)
Gabriel: It’s nice, but I wouldn’t use that word, standing next to you.
(Lissa smiles and playfully pushes him.)
(Gabriel pulls Lissa into a hug, kisses the top of her head and whispers . . . )
Gabriel: I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years.
(Lissa leans her head on Gabriel’s chest.)
Lissa: I feel like I’ve known you forever.

Scene 2

(Gabriel holds onto Lissa’s hand.)
(As their night was ending, Lissa leads Gabriel towards the elevator. Once they reach the elevator, the door is already open.)
(Lissa steps into the elevator.)

Lissa: Thanks for this beautiful night.
(Just before Gabriel steps into the elevator, he reads a sign that says, “Out of Order.”) Gabriel: Lissa, no! Come out!
(Before Gabriel could do anything, the doors begin to close. So, he quickly gets into the elevator with Lissa.)
(Lissa is confused.)

Lissa: What happened? Why did you want me out?
Elevator starts going down.
(Gabriel looks at Lissa with panic filled in his eyes.)

Gabriel: Lissa, this elevator is out of order.
Just then, the elevator comes to a thud.

Scene 3

Lissa: Gabriel, it’s been hours. I’m exhausted.
(Lissa slides down the wall to the floor.)
(Gabriel sits down beside Lissa and pulls her closer towards him.)

Gabriel: I know, Lissa. I know.
(Lissa leans her head on Gabriel’s shoulder and closes her eyes.)
Lissa: We’ve tried everything to get help.
(Gabriel leans his head on top of Lissa’s, closes his eyes and sits there in silence.)
(Gabriel hears footsteps and jerks his head back up.)

Gabriel: Lissa, I hear footsteps. I think people are coming to help us!
(Lissa lifts her head up and looks at him sheepishly.)
Gabriel: Come on, I’ll help you up.
(Gabriel helps Lissa up and keeps his arm still around her.)
Lissa: Are you sure?
(They both stand still and listen for the sound of footsteps.)
They stay like this for a while when suddenly they start to hear the sound of many feet and voices.

Lissa: I—I hear it. They’re here.

Scene 4

After many attempts of trying to rescue the couple, everyone’s hopeless. It has been about 5 hours since Gabriel and Lissa have been stuck in the elevator without any food or water. As the hours pass by, the wire keeping the couple safe is becoming weaker and weaker. However, the couple is unaware of this.
Lissa: Gab, this is hopeless! Why can’t we get out of here?! Ugh, it’s my entire fault! I walked in without looking at the sign!
(Lissa begins to cry.)
Lissa: It’s all my fault.
(Gabriel rushes over to Lissa who’s in the corner and wraps his arms around her.)
Gabriel: It’s not your fault. You didn’t realize it. It’s all right, Sweetheart. They should have put the sign somewhere where people could visibly see it.
(Gabriel puts his hand under Lissa’s chin, tilts her head up and looks deep into her eyes.)
Gabriel: It’s not your fault.
(Gabriel wipes the tears off Lissa’s eyes, kisses her forehead and hugs her tightly.)
As the couple was having their little moment, the wire keeping the elevator up, was getting weaker. Suddenly, the wire snaps.

Lissa: Gabriel!
(Lissa hugs Gabriel tighter.)

Scene 5

A few minutes later.
Gabriel: Don’t worry, Lissa. We’ll be alright.
(Lissa looks up at Gabriel with panic, fear and tears filling in her eyes.)
Lissa: Gabriel, We’re not going to survive. The wire is getting weaker.
(The wire snaps again.)
Lissa: If we don’t get help now, we’re going to die!
(Gabriel takes both of Lissa hands, holds them tightly and looks into Lissa’s eyes.)
Gabriel: I know, Lissa, but I’d rather die here with you.
(Gabriel closes his eyes, leans towards Lissa and kisses her.)
(Tears fall down Lissa’s cheeks as she closes her eyes. She leans towards Gabriel and kisses him.)

Scene 6

A few minutes pass by.
Lissa: Gabriel, I don’t want to die.
(Gabriel hugs Lissa tightly.)
Gabriel: Shh. I don’t want you thinking of that right now.
Just as he says that, they feel the wire snap and the elevator begins to fall.
(Lissa sits down on the ground and screams.)

Lissa: GABRIEL!!!
(Gabriel’s heart begins to beat as he sits down beside Lissa.)
Gabriel: Lissa, it’s alright.
(Gabriel wraps his arms around her tightly, holding one of her hands.)
Gabriel: I’m right next to you. I’ll always be with you.
(Gabriel looks into Lissa’s eyes as tears fall down covering both of their cheeks.)
The whole world begins to slow down around them, as both Gabriel and Lissa know that these are their last few seconds together before they crash down onto Earth.

Lissa: I love you, Gabriel.
(Lissa leans towards Gabriel and kisses him.)
Gabriel: I love you too, Sweetheart.
(Gabriel kisses Lissa’s forehead.)
I’ll always love you . . . 

And then all she saw was darkness.