The Sabotage


John Carter is a world class kick boxer. He has squared off against the very best and over a short period of time in this gruelling industry he has become one of the best. In a mere five years, he has accumulated countless championships and belts. But all his glory and fame comes at a steep price as he has numerous enemies. The most prominent being his arch nemesis Paul Simmons. This sour feud sprouted eight years ago when the two new talents were waiting to be drafted. It was very difficult to make it to the big time as every year only one rookie is taken. The 2005 draft was John Carter, Simmons very frustrated as he believed he was the better choice. A year later, Paul Simmons was drafted into the league and since that day, Simmons tried to defeat Carter in every way possible. And here was his chance to prove himself as the better athlete; it was the night of the most anticipated championship of all. John would go head-to-head with Paul, but a sudden change of events changed the outcome of the match.

John Carter—World class kick boxer and reigning champion.
Joey Lawrence—John’s manager and coach.
Paul Simmons—John’s arch nemesis and kick boxer.
Jack Heyman—Paul’s manager and coach.
Reporter # 1
Reporter #2

Scene One (Setting—Change Room.)

John Carter: (Sits down and with face buried in hands.)
Joey Lawrence: (Barges in and walks back and forth.) John, what was that? I don’t even know what to tell everyone waiting outside that door (points to door). It looked like you weren’t even trying out there. C’mon this was the championship match and now was the time you chose to slack off! John, are you even listening to me?
John Carter: (Takes hands away from face.) I am listening Joey. But I can’t even answer that question. I mean, I don’t know what came over me, one minute I was fine and the next I was toppling over every single thing that stood in my way. God! (Slams the wall.)
Joey Lawrence: Okay calm down, it must have been a severe case of nerves or something. But can you at least walk me through step by step of the entire day so I can come up with something to feed into those greedy reporters knocking down my door.
John Carter: Well, I woke up and went for my morning jog and then I hit the gym, had my protein shake and decided to take a walk. It was just another normal day.

Scene Two—Flashback (Setting—Training Room.)

John Carter: (Walks in and throws punches at punching bag, pauses and pretends like his stomach hurts and resumes throwing punches.)
Jack Heyman: (Walks in.) Hey there, John!
John Carter: What’s gotten into you? (Throws punches at punching bag.)
Jack Heyman: Hey Jack, how are you doing? (Sarcasm.) Would have been nice, anyway, you better put a lot more strength into that punch if you’re going to defeat Paul.
John Carter: Don’t worry about that, I’ve got that covered. Now, what can I help you with?
Jack Heyman: (Laughs.) I’m just pulling your leg. I am just here to take your blood test.
John Carter: (Stops throwing punches) Blood test. What blood test?
Jack Heyman: Judges just want to make sure that no one is taking performance enhancing drugs to make themselves look better than . . . they actually are, if you know what I’m saying. I mean, who can blame them after Lance Armstrong’s little stunt (smirks). They have made it pretty clear that they don’t want a mockery to be made of this magnificent sport.
John Carter: (Looks suspicious.) All of a sudden, any other reason why?
Jack Heyman: Relax there, tiger, it’s just a precaution. Nobody’s trying to question your capabilities.
John Carter: Why didn’t they just ask Joey to do it?
Jack Heyman: He’s running around trying to get everything set up for the match, so the judges asked me to just do it instead.
John Carter: Alright, you do what you got to do (rolls up shirt’s sleeve).
Jack Heyman: (Prepares to give shot and pretends to take blood.)
John Carter:
Don’t you think that’s a bit much.
Jack Heyman: What you think I’m going to take more than needed? I’m not that screwed up. (Laughs.) Anyway, I need to get this to the judges pronto, don’t hurt yourself too much (exits).
Flashback ends.

Scene Three(Setting—Back to present time in change room.)

John Carter: After he left I just continued training and followed my regular routine.
Joey Lawrence: Except John there was no blood test. Even if there was they would have informed me days back. I was with the judges the entire day and they didn’t even mention it. It wouldn’t be ideal to take a blood test the day of the championship match. You don’t think Paul and Jack, noooo. Anyway, I’m going to go get ready for the press conference. I’ll meet you there in about half an hour (exits).

(John Carter goes to the washroom—washroom has a window overlooking into the hallway. He looks through the window and listens.)
Jack/Paul: (Laughs loudly.)
Jack Heyman: Good job out there, you showed him, Paul!
Paul Simmons: Thanks! You can call me Mr. Champion from now on. But this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for you. You know I was a little hesitant to go through with your plan, but it was a good call switching his protein shake for that bad batch. He had no clue!
Jack Heyman: You’re welcome, but that blood test scam was genius!
Paul Simmons: Right! He was scammed and he has no idea(laughs). He’s probably beating himself up right now. It’s been eight years and I finally beat him, this is the happiest day of my life(laughs)!
Jack Heyman: Shhhhhhhhhh! You don’t want anyone to hear. It was really hard convincing him but it paid off, we should really thank him for being so gullible. But if we play this strategically we could probably sabotage every single match he has and soon after steal every award and championship he has ever won. He will look like a chewed up piece of gum that has lost its flavor. He will be finished!
Paul Simmons: Yes, boss! So what we do now?
Jack Heyman: Get ready for the press conference and remember look humble and the fans will love you. John will lose it from all the questions and that’s your cue to jump in and be the good guy. Our aim is steal away his fans, his championships and leave him in the dust. Now get dressed and I’ll meet you there in fifteen (exits).
(Paul Simmons exits.)

Scene Four (Setting—Press Conference.)

Reporter #1: Mr. Carter what happened out there? Everyone was rooting for you.
Reporter #2: Do you think it’s time for you to retire? Or is this just a bad day?
John Carter: Well, I’ve really had a tough day, I just felt drained of all my energy resulting in me losing my championship. I myself don’t have a reasonable explanation as to why I performed so poorly. But I have some video from the surveillance cameras in this arena that might shed some light on the current situation.
(Joey Lawrence plays video.)
Narrator: The surveillance had shown the world the deceptive and manipulative conversation between Paul and Jack. Within seconds all Paul’s praises and well wishers vanished. He had nothing left, his name was spoiled, his fans were gone. The only thing he had left was his new championship which would be stripped away from him within a matter of minutes. Jack and Paul received the same fate that they had wished upon John Carter.
Everyone: (Everyone except John, Paul and Jack exit.) See you at the Riley Championships!