Good Enough

Sometimes I wonder if I’m good enough
If all the cash in the world would be good enough
When I think of you, I wonder if I could treat you well enough
How can I be good enough when my state of mind is mindless?
Doubt infects the mind like a blinding virus
Clouding judgement until I’m feeling lifeless
It’s like this could be the last chance to write this—
Poem, how could I ever know on my own
If I only doubt myself when I’m alone?
So please tell me if I’m good enough
Maybe it’s a misunderstanding between us
You tell me you love me, but act like you’re sick of me
I act like I don’t care, but it’s killing me inside
I could have lied, when I’m with you pride—
Is worn like something tight—
When I’m alone, it’s the exact opposite.
When I’m lying down on my bed,
All I think about is whether or not I’m good enough.