My ballet slippers are white as new 
My tutu is glittery and blue
I kiss her on the cheek and here I go
Off to the stage and see me glow

Walk up the ladder, light dim, silence like no other 
My heart is pounding in my head, almost feels like I’m about to urinate 
Applause starts and down from the ceiling here I go 
Back straight, arms delicate now walk like a feather
I am nervous and get the chills like cold weather 
I want to remind mommy’s little girl how we used to dance together
No matter what obstacle, I’ll make it better

I’ll always dance for her even if she is in a wheelchair 
The music of the violin was what she loved the most 
And the beach and the sand massaging her feet was her favorite memory
But now things changed, despite I can’t hear her talk or see her dance 
I just need a smile and that’s what makes me feel marvelous

Two weeks till the X-ray 
I pray that at least halfway she will make it okay
Happy is where I would love her to stay 
And one day again we will dance ballet

This dance is for her
I would love her to know that dreams do come true
Because here I am dancing for her
Me being the swan in this play and defeating her pain 
This is my greatest joy and the end to this play
A smile I got from her today 
Applause too for my first showcase