Learning How to Colour Eggs


There truly is no specific location for inspiration to strike the creative writer. It could come while riding the subway, when you’re about to fall asleep, or even while taking a shower. If it was as easy as walking to the local shrine and paying tribute to the God of Creativity and then you have your prizewinning story, then there would be many more bestsellers bludgeoning bookstore shelves.

I only bring this up because I find that many young writers can be set on how and where they write. Unfortunately, inspiration may come from the busiest street market, or under the heaviest rainfall, leaving writers isolated from the comfort of their common locale.

It’s easier to take a reminder from one of the most creative writer’s most interesting tales: Dr. SeussGreen Eggs and Ham. If you haven’t read this magnificent story, then please do. Although spun in rhymes, and seemingly only to discuss the postulation of where is the best place to eat green food, I believe that it shows that there is not a specific setting for certain tasks.

The common writer should not try to press their brain into the ground to fertilize their thoughts, for if there isn’t anything there at the time, nothing is going to come out. Creativity is as natural a thing as a chicken laying an egg. Whether that egg is green or not, is another story, since we can always learn how to colour our food.