‘Rootless’ a Workshop by Tijiki Morris


On October 30th, in the TPM Backspace, 2016 Diaspora Dialogues Playwright Tijiki Morris along with her dramaturge Jivesh Parasram will be presenting ‘Rootless’ as part of Theatre Passe Muraille’s Buzz Series.

The workshop:

Spinning with djin (spirit), nostalgia and half memories, Rootless follows Roya as she tries to ground herself and her mother years after they have come to a new country. In an attempt to hold on to roots and to protect themselves, her mother tells stories of the heart-land. Roya travels through these stories and myths, encountering a rabid mermaid, inquisitive crows, and goats. She discovers that the stories are broken and that the land has changed from how she remembers.

Rootless grew out of an exploration of displacement, which has been unjustly thrust on many, and permeates all of our lives. Who do we become and how do we redefine ourselves when we are separated from the earth that shaped us?

The playwright:

Tijiki Morris - photo

The dramaturge:

Jivesh Parasram - photo

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