Strip Down and Face Me

Strip Down and Face me 
Shed all those defences, those misconceptions, those memories that hold you back 
Those were in the past, we are the present 
Strip Down and Face me 
Smudge off all that make-up and lipstick 
Take off all those expensive threads you wrap yourself around so neatly 
Peel off any last layer of skin you got on 
Strip Down and Face me 
Show me the core of your soul 
The ideas and beliefs and aspirations you revolve around 
With a blindfold on, your sight is temporarily disabled 
Feel my breath on the back of your neck 
The way the warmth works its way down, making your spine melt, melt into me 
Hear my secrets gently pouring down your ear 
Smell my perfume: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Men 
Ten Thousand kisses have been laid upon you; I’ll try my best to break that record every time 
With every person I’ve encountered 
I take away from each experience 
And in return, I leave behind a piece of me 
Find me in the grains of time 
You can find these little pieces and find me, fix me 
Map out my whole life story 
Or better yet, why don’t I do it for myself?