The Lady Bird


When That First Bird Hatched "InT.O." That Egg That Egg Became A Lonely Bird Knew How To Fly Before A Bird Never Stopped until Destination Reached #MissionCompleted Always Got The Best Bread Crumbs A Bird Can Taste The Freshest Cleanest Water Not Even Man Could Get This Water The Best Bird Bath Ever Was Taken They Called Him #BIRDUP When He Landed She Always Told All The Other Birds & All The Other People "I Shit Accident Money" I Call Em Blessings Was All White With 2 Colors From The Rainbow Beak Gey ThunderStorm & Eyes Red With Headphones On Jammin "I'll Fly Away" By Kanye West Screaming Wesssstside!!! Lol :) "The Miracle" The Illest Shit Known To Man #BIRDUP True Story