To wander aimlessly without you,
That is truly the greatest hell on earth.
How selfish you are. I loathe you!
I love you, the rapid confusion in my heart.
We are too much the same being;
Living one life, sharing one death.

And yet, I am expected to continue on,
While the warmth of your essence has run cold
The chill of your soul forever lingers.
I see your angelic face as my own reflection
And your footprints impact the fallen snow.
My body is spirited by your soul;
And mine is left to decay beneath the earth.

I love you with more passion in one day
Then others could love in a lifetime.
I hate you with that same passion more
More each day. Suffering alone in this abyss. 
My punishment for coming too late.
Shamefully, I endure this lifelong sorrow;
Awaiting the day that we are once again together.