Traveling Man


The essence of my soul travels many constellations

Seeking many destinations

Traveling eternally on planes my brain cannot comprehend

Seen worlds in which my eyes will never visualize

Experienced life in ways my brain has no hope of recollecting

The essence of my soul has spoken the languages

That my tongue could not even whisper

From voices my ears cannot pick up

In dialects my mind couldn't begin to translate

Yet my soul always understood

The essence of my soul is a greater being than my physical self

A warrior whose strength cannot be measured in the physical sense

A sage whose wisdom transcends eternity

An angel whose light blinds the eye

A demon residing in the darkest crevices of the heart

The essence of my soul

Travels outside of time as I travel within it in perfect unison

And millennium after I'm reclaimed by this earth

The essence of my soul remains the traveling man

Coasting the universe