2017 Nuit Blanche: Poetry, Performance & Protest

Save the date! Diaspora Dialogues is back at Nuit Blanche this year! Join us on Saturday, September 30th starting at 7 p.m. at Victoria University, UofT. We’ll be right outside Emmanuel College. Our project, Poetry, Performance & Protest invites Nuit Blanche Toronto audiences to sit or stand (whatever’s comfortable!) and engage in a discussion about the multiple meanings and definitions of Canadian values . . .

Diaspora Dialogues Returns to Nuit Blanche 

Diaspora Dialogues Returns to Nuit Blanche  Due to the success of Women on the Wall at Nuit Blanche last year, Diaspora Dialogues is proud to officially announce we will be returning on Saturday, October 1 for 2016! This year will feature NY-based, Canadian artist Alex Sheriff will illuminate the Artscape at 401 Richmond Street with an ecological video installation depicting the necessity of treating all matter with the same respect and care we reserve for humans . . .

Word On The Street

On Sunday, September 25th, from 3 to 5 pm, Diaspora Dialogues is participating in the Word On The Street Toronto Festival! Hosted by Aparita Bhandari and featuring Judy Fong Bates, Marjorie Chan, George Elliott Clarke, and Cherie Dimaline, this year’s panel will explore the multifaceted question: How would one write Toronto in the future? Based on the city’s current trajectory, would a book or a play taking place in 2030 or 2040 Toronto be a dystopian piece or utopian? What characterizes each fate in the context of the city? Our panel will also have an interactive component, allowing audience members to partake — in which a select few will have the chance to write a paragraph to be critiqued by the panelists . . .

Fortune Telling at Camp Wavelength

Diaspora Dialogues is proud to announce our presence at the second annual Camp Wavelength, Toronto’s only music festival to offer overnight camping! From August 19 to 21, come explore a huge array of musical acts, from indie rock to hypnotic psychedelic, on the beautiful Toronto Island at Artscape Gibraltar Point . . .