Tally Man


I saw you step on the sidewalk crack scuffing your patents, some excuse. The tally man chalks up on to his sky scoreboard. You know it, you feel it, lying in bed at night . . .

Going West


When the airplane banked, I had my first glimpse of the CN Tower, rising like an upended middle-finger. I was immigrating to Canada, and the huge butterflies in my stomach were only growing bigger. The aircraft swooped down, landing with a thud, and raced down the runway hell for leather . . .

The Sabotage


John Carter is a world class kick boxer. He has squared off against the very best and over a short period of time in this gruelling industry he has become one of the best. In a mere five years, he has accumulated countless championships and belts. . . .


Character List: Gabriel Lissa Setting Intro: Gabriel takes Lissa to the CN Tower for a date in celebration of being together for 3 years. And then all she saw was darkness. Scene 1 (She grips his hand a little tighter, rests her head on his shoulder and whispers . . . ) Lissa: Isn’t it beautiful? Gabriel: Look at me . . .

New Relations


Characters/Cast Roger—Protagonist Catherine—Liam’s fiance Liam—Roger’s father The Script: (Roger heads to the library, when he bumps into Catherine near the elevators of his 24-storey apartment.) Catherine: Hi Roger! How are you? Where are you going? Roger: I’m good, and I’m going to the library to get something for my biology project . . .



Advice is a thought, a window if you will A glass window to see how you are from a different person’s view. No one has the same eyes as you, No one will ever see the world like you do . . .

The Misunderstood

My community is misunderstood. Not, an unsafe and violent place. Not, the expectations of our community being a disgrace. The thoughts of you seeing drug dealers around the corner should vanish from your minds, for we are as neighbourly as can be and divine . . .



Young girls listen here, The expectations of others won’t matter as long as yourself doesn’t disappear. The media tells us to be something we are not We think if we don’t listen we won’t fit the plot . . .