Poverty of Originality


I am disappointed . . . 
Because if we just taught kids to be themselves and original
Then juveniles and prison cells would not be visible 
We all want to fit in, and be appreciated the most
But the worst thing that we can hear is somebody saying . . . .. NO!
No you are not popular, no you are not cool
And no you will not become anything even if you finish school
Why are we classified by our image or race, if we were made from the same clay?
We were born respect and unite with each other, and not to disobey 
We are all the same, because at the end of the day
We all will end up in the grave 
My sisters wake up, and take off that make up
You don’t need that cover up, you need to cover up
Don’t worry about fixing up your hair and cuticles
And looking like a toothpick is not really beautiful
Be original and be yourself
I pity the “cool crowd” because their personalities just need help 
Treat everybody the same and treat everybody equal
And do not project your insecurities on other people 
Be strong and do not lose hope either way
Because if the world pushes you to your knees, you are in the best position to pray