Reimagining our History—DD at Doors Open

Reimagining Our History

Canada’s defining attributes are its multiculturalism and inclusivity. Yet, we tend to tell Canadian history through the eyes of the white settler. For Doors Open 2016, Diaspora Dialogues has invited some of the city’s finest writers, spoken word artists, and playwrights to explore a moment or figure from Canadian history reimagined in a more diverse and inclusive lens.

10 a.m.–4 p.m., May 28–29, 2016
Old City Hall, Court Room 121

Readings will take place for the duration of Doors Open.


  • Alicia Elliott
  • Mia Herrera
  • Sheniz Janmohamed
  • Shaista Latif
  • Rabindranath Maharaj
  • Pasha Malla
  • Lee Maracle
  • Pratap Reddy
  • Kerri Sakamoto
  • Shawn Salik
  • Priscila Uppal

And more!