Open Call for Scarborough-Based DJ’s: Nuit Blanche 2019

Diaspora Dialogues is looking for Scarborough-based DJ’s to take part in our event “Remixing the Night” as part of Nuit Blanche Scarborough, which is on Saturday October 5th 2019.

In 2018, DD partnered with Orpheus Choir of Toronto to adapt four poems into choral music. “Remixing The Night” is a sound and visual installation that continues this process of adaptation, which is where you come in!

DD is looking for sound artists to take the four choral compositions and remix them into new contemporary music. On October 5th, at Nuit Blanche, the sound artists will play their remixes on a sound controller so NB audiences have the opportunity to further the process of adaptation by manipulating the music themselves.

If you are a Scarborough-based sound artist and would like to participate in our event we’d love to hear from you.

Please submit a paragraph telling us a bit about yourself, your experience as a sound artist and why you’d be a good fit for our event. If you have any support material to go along with your submission (music samples, past events, etc…) please send them along as well. Fees will be discussed upon further communication.

All applicants must be available the night of Saturday, October 5th.

Deadline for submissions: May 6th 2019

Submissions can be sent to: