Cooling Down a Heated Start


“WARNING! HEAT ALERT!” With the cool days seemingly coming to an end, everyone will have to find ways to cool down. Some believe that training the mind can help cool down the body, so let’s train our mind with plenty of writing exercises, contests, and presentations by authors and other professional writers . . .

If Toronto Wrote a Book, What Kind of Story Would It Tell?


(Originally posted on Toronto Public Library Teen blog) If people were words, Toronto would be a book thicker than the large-print edition of War and Peace. But more importantly, if Toronto wrote a book, what kind of story would it tell? If a few blank pages were opened to the public, what would they become? We plan to find out through the Toronto Public Library’s Travelling Notebook! The Travelling Notebook was created by the teens of TPL’s Editorial Youth Advisory Group . . .

Shorter than the Average Word-Guru

Canada’s Got Talent: 2014 Ken Klonsky Novella Contest Ready to put your writing alongside that of Canada’s greats? Quattro Books is accepting submissions from Canadian writers new and old, between 20,000 and 40,000 words. These “post-national literature” seekers are ONLY looking for literary fiction, no genre fiction (i.e . . .

A Trip-Strip Snacktime

Frames of Writing: Toronto Comic Arts Festival It’s that time of the year again. TCAF will be starting Friday evening and running through the weekend with graphic novels and artistry in hand. For all readers that haven’t yet experienced the thrill of meeting your favourite artist or writer should attend . . .

Plotting for the Plotless

So you want to write a story, or perhaps you have a story that wants to be written. You have an awesome idea for a book with bestseller potential, so you whip out your pencil or hack away at your keyboard until those fateful first lines of your masterpiece have been invoked . . .

Inside a Crystal Rotunda

Casual Conferences: A Guide to Self-Publishing (Rush Order) No stress, no formality, just gain further knowledge in the ever-changing world of self-publishing. Like past events that dealt with self-publishing, bring a notepad and pencil (not to mention a flurry of questions) to be brought to the table . . .

Publishing in Full Bloom

Canada’s Got Soul: Aspiring Canadian Poets Contest Don’t stop your pens! Well, stop your writing for just a moment to read that you have a chance to be on the elusive winding-road to becoming a published writer . . .

Meet Benjamin Gabbay


Hello. My name’s Benjamin Gabbay, and I love writing—so much, in fact, that I wrote a YA fantasy novel titled Wingheart: Luminous Rock, the first in a planned trilogy. It was published shortly before my 17th birthday, September 23, 2012, which happened to coincide with the day of The Word On The Street Toronto Book Festival (WOTS), where the book was launched . . .

Curbing into the Checkered Flag

Poetic Gathering: Impossible Arts: Sound Poets Circle Impossible Arts is a Toronto-based non-profit organization that supports the artistic and leadership abilities of everyone that they come into contact with. They are now holding a spoken word, hip-hop, and performance poetry workshop for youth ages 16-29 . . .

Calling Space Cadets


Intergalactic Travel, Blackhole Brew, Explorers, Dark Matter, Inner Space, Portal, Orbit, Outer Space. What do these words make you think of? Chances are, if you’ve had a close encounter of the literary kind with Story Planet while zooming around the “greater galactic area” known as Toronto, you know that they are buzzwords connected to this non-profit organization which “inspires young people to be creative and effective communicators.” Using the launch pad of visual arts, Story Planet’s programs—in-house and classroom workshops ranging in length from two hours to an entire year and targeted towards children ages 6 to 18—introduce youth to the idea that writing can be fun . . .