The Lady Bird


When That First Bird Hatched “InT.O.” That Egg That Egg Became A Lonely Bird Knew How To Fly Before A Bird Never Stopped until Destination Reached #MissionCompleted Always Got The Best Bread Crumbs A Bird Can Taste The Freshest Cleanest Water Not Even Man Could Get This Water The Best Bird Bath Ever Was Taken They Called Him #BIRDUP When He Landed She Always Told All The Other Birds & All The Other People “I Shit Accident Money” I Call Em Blessings Was All White With 2 Colors From The Rainbow Beak Gey ThunderStorm & Eyes Red With Headphones On Jammin “I’ll Fly Away” By Kanye West Screaming Wesssstside!!! Lol 🙂 “The Miracle” The Illest Shit Known To Man #BIRDUP True Story  . . .

Interest on an Inheritance of Silver


The silver pieces from my father’s leather purse never run out while I pump them into the empty vending machine for longer than I can remember and though each coin I insert makes my flesh grow thinner like rain on paper my skeleton stands eternal condemned to an infinite glowing like that stale light from the droning vending machine at the end of this dark hallway where deactivated bulbs emit alternating currents of dis orieNt AT ION through this hotel in the common cold after a blackout where from haunted balconies flashes of lightening in the night look tangibly present and deeply frightening . . .